Monday, July 28

How to Dress Like a Modern Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most admired and revered actresses ever. She won many awards during her career as an actress and starred in many award-winning films as well. Aside from her acting prowess and humanitarian spirit, Audrey is also known for her keen fashion style. Her style can be classic and timeless, chic and graceful, and even in this era, it can still be modern. So how can you dress like a modern Audrey Hepburn? Believe it or not, all you need are considered wardrobe basics!

Audrey is known for her neat, simple, yet chic style, and it is best showcased through a plain white button down shirt. It may be plain, but it is actually a very diverse piece of clothing that can be mixed and matched with different pants, shorts, or skirts, depending on your personal style. A trademark Audrey style is to tie the shirt at the waist. A key to pulling off this look is choosing shirts that are fresh and crisp.

If you’re not into button down shirts, you may opt to get either a turtleneck or a boat neck. For the turtleneck, a plain black or white one is advisable, and pick one that’s made from thin fabrics so you won’t look too snug, but classic yet fresh. Choose boat necks if you would like to highlight your shoulders. 
To match your button down shirt, turtleneck or boat neck, go for a casual and relaxing pair of skinny pants. They can be made from capri, khaki, or other materials as long as they have a skinny tight fit. Audrey often preferred ankle or capri-length ones, but you can find a length that looks best on you.

It is said that one of the staples of a woman’s closet is the little black dress and rightly so. Audrey’s wears the iconic black dress in the opening scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The dress was designed by a French designer, Hubert de Givenchy, and it was paired with a pearl choker with multiple strands, a huge black hat, a foot long cigarette holder, and opera gloves. As a modern way of wearing the little black dress, simple accessories from will do, as well as a pair of high-heeled shoes.

If you’re uncomfortable with heels, that’s ok. Another basic component of Audrey’s style is a pair of dependable ballet flats. When she started wearing ballet flats in her movies, women started to appreciate the footwear as they can be both stylish and comfortable. Although there are many styles and colors available, make sure to have a plain black pair that can be matched with various clothing styles.

Finally, do you need to have an extra cool look? Go for a classic, slim fitting trench coat that’s knee-length and either black or beige. You can even pull up the collar to add a bit of dramatic flair!

These are just some of the basics you can have to dress like Audrey Hepburn in this modern era. Before trying any of them, you may want to watch some of her films to get a better idea of what may look good on you.

Friday, June 20

Summer Fashion Entertaining 2014

Whether you are a provincial fashion goddess or not, long June days and fragrant summer fashion nights accumulate out the performer every one of us. To keep your best attempts from breaking down into Come Dine With Me awfulness stories has gathered tips and exhortation from some of our most loved hosts.

An awestruck of entertaining meets me with fear, yet I love having companions over - which I assume adds up to the same thing, yet even simply the saying "promote" appears to include a ton of weight to the shoulders of one or two individuals: the hosts. I dislike feeling pressurized or focused at all when I'm at home, and long prior surrendered attempting to assemble supper parties - you realize that thing where you present individuals from diverse parts of your life to each other. 

Some individuals are characteristic connectors, and thank God for that, yet I'm not one of them. So its companions, its dinner or lunch, yet never a supper gathering; its by and large short remark, extremely loose and casual.

Wednesday, August 15

Latest Trends in Girls Clothing These Days

Women in any age groups love to dress up, and why not, she is the most pretty creation of God and therefore each woman should be good. You definitely want to look sumptuous as a girl, and step out in style. Fashion girls seem to change from one year to another. There are many kinds and styles of clothing available for young girls and teenage girls. if you are headed to the casino group, have two things to your clothes should be: chic and comfortable. 

Comfort is very important, but you do not want to be under dressed, because the casino is a more stylish place. Teenager wear hot dress and go to in the casinos. There they play casino king game and they also celebrate the fourteenth anniversary. when you go to in the casino, you can see that there are all girls employees wear a unique and different dress.

 Normally the micro minis are strictly club wear, Fridays and Saturday nights. The casino is different though. Its more fun to play table games like blackjack and roulette,when dressed up. If you want play at your home then you can search best sites to play online american roulette and start the play game. clothes play a bigger role in every place. Some of the latest fashions such as skinny jean trend is borderline acceptable. 

Skinny jeans are suitable for young girls, but only if included in a particular way. You can find the latest fashion clothing in various retail and online-fashion chains.Clothes are very popular and operates best picks of the season.

Friday, August 3

Fashionable Beauty Jeweler of Summer Season

Summer season comes with new trendy and fashionable jewellery. Summer is also the season when cool fashionable clothes, jewellery and many other things are in demand as this cool stuff helps individual to protect themselves from the strong sun rays and humidity. This summer season presents different cool jewellery for you like earrings, leather bracelets, sexy necklaces and fashionable brooches are best jewellery for hot summer season. 

Rings and bracelets:  Some of the most famous fashion designer said that this accessory is very fashionable and in demand products for summer season. People are using different multi-tiered, bright and dark colored rings and bracelets. You can wear these bracelets either on single hand or on both the hands but most people used to wear these bracelets on their right hands.

Chains and necklaces: as your fashionable clothes attract people attraction towards you, Best fashionable selected jewellery like necklaces, chains and pendants can also do this for you. Some of the fashion designer advised not to wear heavy jewellery in summer’s as jewellery is different for every season and in summer, the choice of adornments are unlimited. Popular and stylish pendants are generally are in circles and heart shaped.

Ear clips: Earrings are the first noticeable thing on women’s face so your ear clips should be fashionable according to be season. Some of women’s find interesting to wear conspicuous, large and bright type of ear clips. Even these earrings can come in different shapes and sizes. So, you can buy them according to your choice and season’s demand. Even you can buy these fashionable ear rings on internet just like you can play easily gambling online on different online gambling sites.

Stylish Hair clips: Hair style is very important for women’s and on their hairs, hair clips is also too important for them. With these thin and sparkling tiaras, you can look like a queen or atleast like a fairy princess.  Even some of the online games are also promoting latest fashionable trend like Easter themed video slot game.

Sunday, August 7

Latest Heart Shaped Fashion Glasses Trends

I don’t know an awful lot about this shoot from Nylon, which I stumbled across on photographer Marley Kate’s blog – except that it quite perfectly captures a sense of youth. It makes me want to dig out the pair of heart-shaped glasses I had back in the ’90s.

Friday, May 27

Look a Fashion girls eyewear trends

Fashion girls Eyewear to fit your look

Purchasing eye wear or eyeglass earlier use to be frustrating because either doctor was to be involved or you had to visit the store to select it up from limited variety & design. In general it was not simple to buy anything online at cheaper cost but with advent of net can basically buy products at cheaper cost, Also can select from sizable variety of design & specifications. Plenty of online stores sell cheap & quality eye wear. In the event you are looking for nice fashion eye wear for your eyes where you can select from numerous brands then you must search online. Redistrict is of the net stores which offer designer & elegant eye wear & eyeglasses at affordable prices. Today can basically buy online eye wear & eyeglasses with sizable discount. Its not frustrating as it use to be historically in the past. Actually its more convenient to order different types & brands of eye wear online.

Our eyes are most important & sensitive so must take care to protect it from risky surroundings & UV rays. Utmost care needs to be taken to make positive its not covered but well protected. Its of the important element which adds face value to your look. Choosing a right eye wear only for proper vision isn't enough; it must also match your facial form, & look pretty to impress others. An elegant eye wear can bring the scenery require to witness as well as cherish those moments. Eye wear plays an important role in redefining your facial outlook.

There's plenty of popular brands, to name few are Ray Ban, Prada, Blinde, IC berline, Starck & plenty of more. Also Balenciaga eye wear is recommended for its quality & elegant design. It is important to discover a website which can provide most of the brands so that you can compare the cost, quality & design. Once you have located the best net site you can get your eye wear online basically with convenience. There's plenty of benefits to order eye wear & eyeglasses online. You will have more choices at lower cost & you don't must worry of visiting the clinics or stores to buy them. It is more convenient to order online & have your eye wear delivered to your home through net.

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United Top Girl model

Special Guest DJ on June 2011

California Warrior Girls

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Natural Shadow of Girl

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Photoque young woman in jeans shorts

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Young model in colorful dress

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Photo Young Woman in Jeans Shorts

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Essential Models Photoshoot of Benjamine Luk